Big data

"The future has arrived, only it is not evenly distributed"

Did you know that in the past 10 minutes, we generated more data than from the beginning of mankind to the end of 2003? The advent of Web 3.0, big data and the Hana in-memory SAP database change the IT world that we used to know. The key assets of business have shifted from hardware and software to data, to the ability of better extraction and use of digitized information for major improvement of your business.

Are you interested in the topics of BigData, in broader use of company information and performance indicators, in cooperation work with business analytical tools? Maybe you are in the midst of implementation of forecasting, multilevel resource planning, optimization of supplies, or perhaps improving company outlook using business analytics?

We will help you navigate through:

  • Use the potential of company data

  • What technologies are available for the implementation of projects in this field

  • What scenarios are most useful for the improvement of your business operation.

Our expertise encompasses many fields of business. We also have experience in implementation of business information systems, supply chain management, cost optimization, revenue forecasting, sales forecasting, operational and service forecasting, and in estimating the requirements for production resources.

We have tools available that we will teach you to use to steer your business surely and efficiently without wasting time and energy.

Those tools include:

  • Sales, demand and operational planning

  • Integrated Business Planning

  • Data analysis and supply forecast; how to read and understand your own data

  • Control of purchasing and stock levels

  • Operational reporting and monitoring of performance in the company and its individual departments


We have decided to respond to those situations and expanded our service and product portfolio with three customer-based concepts:

  • Concept of a "Smart digital enterprise"

  • Concept of "Precise services"

  • Concept of "Smart services"