Smart Services


The smart enterprise builds on smart services. Companies today are capable of processing massive data volumes flexibly in real time; therefore, they have detailed knowledge of their customers, products and services, their processes, employees and potential problems. Companies might be asking:

  • Which customers are most effective for us? What do those customers say about us?

  • Which processes are unstable? Where do the most important errors and delays occur?

  • What changes are currently happening in our Supply Chain?

  • How can we best forecast cash flow, manage related risks and, if necessary, obtain short-term loans in the event of cash shortage?

  • Are our current assets used well? Is the demand being planned well? Is purchasing controlled accordingly?

  • What revenues and income can be expected and in what horizons?

  • What are adequate offers and service quality levels for customer groups or for individual customers?

  • How can market volatility affect our production plans?


Companies might also be asking these crucial questions:

  • How can I expand my products and services with the knowledge obtained from the data?

  • Can I present my customers with clean data products to improve the value of the services I am providing?

  • What can I do better now than I used to in the past?


The answers to those questions will be presented through predictive analytics approach and corresponding smart services. Predictive analysis is quantitative analysis that focuses in prediction of future states and events. This is an analytical process that builds on acquisition, extraction and evaluation of data so that the prediction outputs served to improve the decision-making, support and customer processes. Smart services are personalized services that are based on analytical approaches to the comprehensive mix of data resources and knowledge mining from that data in order to maximize value for a given customer in real time.

Zpracování interních a externích datových zdrojů prostřednictvím algoritmické expertízy prediktivní a preskriptivní analytiky s cílem akcelerace ziskovosti Vašeho podnikání

Processing of internal and external sources of data using algorithm processes of predictive and prescriptive analysis in order to accelerate the profitability of your business


At miraclIS, we have experts at our disposal who will design and implement processes of knowledge mining from your internal and external data so as to add value to your data and who will help you operate smart services for your customers.

Options available for our services:

  • One-time process – we design an analytical model to address a specific issue, process your data and present the result

  • Continuous process – we design an analytical model, design data flow and use our cloud platform to provide you with results in real time

  • Architectural process – we design a comprehensive solution that includes the supply of a platform (SAP HANA), optimum model of data flow (internal resources broken into categories and catalogues, sensors, data from social media, etc.), predictive and prescriptive analytical methods with decision-making and customer processes; we will also train your employees in using the supplied solutions


Management looks into the future – your position in the market will increase proportionally to the clarity of your view of future situations and to the quality of uncompromising, data-based services you provide. A digital enterprise with a high degree of organizational intelligence is not a vision of the future – it is exists today and bears high potential for your business.

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Zpracování interních a externích datových zdrojů prostřednictvím algoritmické expertízy prediktivní a preskriptivní analytiky s cílem akcelerace ziskovosti Vašeho podnikání