Smart Enterprise


Smart Enterprise and strategies of digital transformation

BIgData, mobility and availability of information in all types of devices, hybrid and cloud access to provide information services as well as social media represent a change in the concept of access to company data. The traditional approach had software prepared for the storage of data that clearly structured and limited in size so as the information system could provide answers to questions focusing on the past. The new approach is characterized especially by its focus on continuous data flow – data is acquired and processed in real time – working with data focuses on forecasting and assessment of the best variants for the future.

At miraclIS, we focus on innovative approach to data, that is why we offer the Smart Digital Enterprise Concept as an introduction to management using BigData. This can have various forms to meet your needs – from a one-day creative workshop (the output of which is a simple transformation concept) up to the Preparation of Digital Transformation of Enterprise service that includes the following:

  • Audit of organization intelligence, data resources and methods of their use

  • Map of limitations and potential of the current system architecture in the organization

  • Transformation portfolio of "smart services" that is based on the current system architecture and the possibilities and goals of the organization

  • Proof of the "smart service" concept with the highest current impact

  • Roadmap for the digital transformation

Strategie digitální transformace jako "architektonický blueprint" pro reálné změny v podnikové architektuře

Strategy of digital transformation as "archeology blueprint" for real-life changes in the company architecture


The strategy of digital transformation serves to implement the intended digitalization changes so that the investment in the interlocking of physical and virtual environment delivers higher efficiency and profitability in an evolutionary manner at the shortest term possible.

The strategy of digital transformation of the enterprise is based on the "Smart Data Driven Enterprise Architecture" – that is, an architecture that is based on services and data. The architecture draws from the model of continuous data flow oriented towards support for services and it assumes:

  • Integrated digital platform for the management of critical data resources, metadata and models (in our case, this is the SAP HANA in-memory platform)

  • Centralized application layer over the integrated digital platform that permits data processing and preparation of data products that are required for delivery of services via efficiently operated feedback processes using predictive and prescriptive analytical models.

  • Presentation user layer:

    • for operation of customer services through data products

    • for visualization of events represented in data in order to achieve higher quality of management administration (dashboards)


Benefits of the Digital Transformation Strategy service:

  • Evolutionary approach to implementation of the digital enterprise architecture and possible improvement of the business model

  • Cost reduction through streamlining and shortening of business cycles

  • Faster and better decision making using current data in real-time

  • Innovated processes, products and services

  • New digital products and services based on data


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Strategie digitální transformace jako "architektonický blueprint" pro reálné změny v podnikové architektuře