Implementation of SAP CRM, customer relationship management, marketing management, marketing campaign management, campaign budgeting and reporting in CRM system.

In our business concept you can perform all CRM standard activities, but also perform management tasks and you will get strong management tool to drive your business performance in to the bottom line of all your customers’ activities and also manage all your workload related to customer activities.

With SAP CRM system you can drive all your customer change management tasks like handling of contract changes and amendments, measure impact of marketing champagnes to sales performance, you can monitor status of deliverables and sales contracts, either on customer level or end consumer level, you can perform and monitor all warranty activities, goods return, monitor development of sales profit on customer or customer group level, as well as monitor and drive service delivery or product deliveries.

One of the strongest points of SAP CRM system is the native integration with SAP ERP and other SAP business portfolio functional components, by this all your customer data are available across your organization in real time. This will help you to better monitor customer payments, make better financial income or cash income planning, realize profit margin on customer level to support your discount or customer benefit decisions, be better informed about payment discipline of your customer portfolio, … All this range of data will be available across all users, with no idle time, with no additional mail writing or managing internal requests orders in to your organization.


We are ready to offer SAP CRM also as mobile CRM, based on your preferred mobile platform.