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Project coordinator

Our aim is to find young and motivated colleague, which will cooperate our project and step by step take over the role of project manager with possibility to drive our all customer deliveries (consulting and service deliveries).

We are targeting motivated person with sense of creativity potential, which want to find himself in business execution as future carrier, likes to learn new thinks, has a creative approach to solving operational problems.

The workload will content management of business blue prints, solution proposals (incl. structure of business delivery, resource management, risk management, project time plans, project roles and project team responsibility).

The good point for this candidate is to have at least basic orientation of IT environment, ability to have some orientation in application technologies, databases, mobile solutions…

English knowledge is a must, ability to have a communication on any level in German is a big advantage and future success on this position. A big must is a knowledge of MS Excel, Word and Office.

Logistic processes support

We are looking for colleague to fulfill the role of logistics consultant (support of business processes in logistic and production).

The candidate has to have a knowledge and imagination about what company needs to produce product and produce it, sell it. Candidate has to believe in logistic beauty.

We are looking for candidate, knowing processes in purchasing, storage and material management, production management and add creative approach to all of this.

Knowledge of SAP is not a first need, the candidate will support our senior staff and will learn the necessary skills with them.


Enterprise data promotion

This colleague has to be able to go deep in to field of enterprise data management and data mining, big data solutions, enterprise performance data, business analytics and solutions, incl. to manage and prepare solutions for customers in order to better support the business operation of them.

We are looking for candidate with ability and vision to develop customer applications on the new SAP front end technologies.

We expect also sense of feeling for user friendly front end development.

You shut have basic understanding from the several fields: statistics, analytics, data modelling (e.g. rolling forecasts). The big advantage is some knowledge of Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Python, Java, Redshift, …

You have to be able to work with business intelligence systems (BW solutions, data cubes, analytical outlook on data) and new front end technologies from SAP company.

We require English knowledge, knowledge of German will be big advantage.

Financial processes support

We like to fill this position with a colleague with strong interest in company finances, accounting and all related financial management processes, incl. management controlling.

This candidate has been able and interesting to work on his/her skills and ability to grow, learn new thinks and approaches, it shut has no doubts about personal responsibility and shut have strong sense for team work.

It will support our senior consulting staff, which he will teach him all necessary related skills from the SAP system area.

The candidate has to be aware , how business enterprise works in terms of business and office support, it shut has some knowledge of legal accounting, accounting principles, company finance, one of the biggest advantages to achieve this position is experience with implementation of enterprise management system or company information system.


Our offer

We are offering stable employment position, motivated work evaluation, good material company background, space to grow on personal and professional skills, develop professional skills at multinational customers portfolio, as our customers are.

We offer interesting projects, absolutely strong support in this newly created business consulting area.

We are team of mature professionals, not spending time on endless meetings, but focusing on quality. We will give you necessary support to your professional growth and motivation.