Mobile applications for your ERP system and FIORI application


Implementation of applications based on SAP Fiori simplifies the use of your business information system and provides access from desktop and tablet computers, even smart phones, using simple web-based applications.

At the same time, Fiori applications are very safe and strictly based on your user profiles and access rights.

What services can be performed in applications based on Fiori?

  • In cooperation with you, we will define functionalities and processes where several applications may be used to improve the performance of users and provide better clarity of the processed data, to implement smart reports, solve various contexts, tasks and manage workflow.

  • We will prepare applications to suit your needs precisely.

  • We will train your employees so they can administrate, develop, even prepare, applications on their own.

Mobilní aplikace pro Váš ERP systém, aplikace FIORI.

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Mobilní aplikace pro Váš ERP systém, aplikace FIORI.