About us

Our professional skills:

  • Improving of company performance in finance, logistics and production management (improvement in stock management, better performance in material and financial resources, …).

  • SAP BusinessObjects (BI, BPC, strategies, planning, reporting and analysis, visualization of reporting outcomes).

  • Financial modules (accounting, controlling, asset management, legislation reports reporting), Enterprise controlling.

  • Logistics modules (material management, sales, distribution, transportation management, purchasing, strategic purchasing).

  • Human capital management, personal management, wage processing (payroll, organizational management, travel management).

  • Production management and logistics production (serial or discrete, production planning) incl. connections to MES systems and integration to ERP.

  • Integration (portals, PI/XI, Enterprise SOA, Implementation of security principles – SSO etc.).

  • Development of solution and functionalities and integration on SAP ERP platform.

  • SAP solution lifecycle support (implementation of SAP EHP packages and new functional areas development).

  • DMS systems, Solution management of non-structured content, implementation of workflow, content management and Adobe forms and Adobe interactive services.

  • Mass Data Billing (incl. BPO external processes incorporation).

  • Forecasting, rolling forecasting and their implementation.

  • Predictive analysis, design of predictive models (connection to production planning and planning simulation, controlling processes for strategic management). Also based on SAP HANA platforms.

  • Business process outsourcing (based on SAP technologies).

  • Project management.

  • Project management in changing environment.


Project execution is done in our company based on SAP methodology, in field of ERP implementation we use mainly the latest SAP RDS implementation model.

In last years we have been thrice awarded from SAP CEE by SAP QUALITY AWARDS, based on project audit done by SAP CEE.

We deliver projects by use of Rapid Deployment Solution: fast and effective SAP implementation and solution operation.

  • SLA (from support to SAP BPC or solution outsourcing)

  • Implementation SAP ERP, SAP BI, SAP HANA

  • International roll outs

Project, process and implementation optimization is done by qualified consultants with many year experience in various industry fields. Optimization is done by use of SAP tools like BusinessObjects (Strategic management, Planning and consolidation, Reporting and analysis).

For planning and forecasting we work mainly with BPC Business Planning and Consolidation from SAP BI, we are using pre-defined models according the IFRS standards and in intuitive MS EXCELL environment. Further, BPC can also be used as process support with Workflow by consolidation and forecasting and validating consolidated reports.

BPC will support your planning process and forecasting process, step by step, you can also use text comments to your numerics data, set control points, set data availability to users (user lock), all planning or forecasting you can upload in to SAP ERP after validation.

For reports and analysis (lay outs, data presentation), we are able to work with tools like SAP Lumira, technology SAP Fiori, including production of active dashboards and ad hoc analysis. Preparation of reports is easy and intuitive, changing of pre-defined reports can be executed by user with no help from external company.

In the field of service, support and further application development based on SAP platform, we are also covering areas of technical components SAP like: SAP BI, EP portal, PI/XI.

We provide services and consulting for EDI technology, incl. EDI implementation or development of new EDI content (messaging content).

Part of our services is implementation of IFRS accounting standards, as well as USGAAP acc. Standards, part of this service is also consolidation in SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management), further, our services covers also areas of REM and facility management.

Today, the most popular areas are SRM (Supply Relationship Management), to centralize corporate procurement, which we cower as well, also the related technology for strategic data availability from various system by implementing SAP MDM (Master Data Management) is a service, which is a part of our delivery portfolio.

Applying BigData principles you can benefit from quite a large opportunities to squeeze your data potential and make for example better forecasts in purchasing items or better understand your organization purchasing behavior. This includes also possibility to manage rolling forecastings based on those areas.

Our consultants are matured in development and implementation of SAP functionalities, they are able to explain and estimate, what each implementation step can bring to your organisation and how it will influence the system operation. Standard part of our work is also providing documentation to system and user documentation as well for each area of our service delivery.

All your future systems changes or upgrades are than fully documented. We can also provide documentation to system done by other implementation partner, if you are missing such as documents.

Our service proposal is always based on the customer real needs. We can provide various services like technical guide by upgrading SAP or implementing SAP EHP package, we can also be responsible for the whole set of services during upgrade, for example. This principle applies also, when you preparing new SAP implementation. We can extend our service for delivery of technical infrastructure or technical infrastructure support, propose testing scenarios, provide testing, deliver training, data migration, data cleansing, miraclIS is using large database of knowledge and experience build for many years of our professional service.

We have in our sales and service portfolio many other solutions, which will make your SAP life easier and better operational and which extend standard SAP functionalities.

One of the strongest point of our company service delivery is the fact, we have good availability of our resources and we deliver within our service also backup resources during implementation or other service deliveries.

There is one point about quality of our service: miraclIS is one of the few companies, delivering trainings and education directly to SAP company in Czech and Slovakia.

We have done many diverse implementation projects and the portfolio of implemented solutions is pretty large: SAP ERP, SAP BI, SAP HR, SAP ISU, SAP NetWeaver.

ERP (finance, logistics, production), HR, ISU:

  • SLA – continual support – for all modules, from basis to process, application support and process optimization.

  • Implementation of optimized processes, reports, incl. reports for corporate level.

  • Development of your existing SAP system: new functionalities, mobile solutions, intelligent reporting and proactive business process management.

  • Support all your application portfolio: lifecycle management.

  • Financial and Legal Consolidation in the group.

  • Company merge (company code merge).

  • Company de merge: project for legal and company accounting de merge, incl. new company founding and implementation.

  • Changes in fiscal year accounting.

  • Cash management, aeging, cash transactions in your SAP system.

  • Forecasting, rolling forecasting realization in SAP ERP, also by using new SAP product portfolio.

  • Financial, sales, purchasing analysis based on your data availability or real time data, with possibility to use mobile devices for such as forecasts.

  • Predictive analysis based on SAP HANA.

  • Local support for legislation differences when you make international roll outs. We provide solution integrated to your concern SAP solution portfolio.

  • Implementation of banking DMEE, particularly in roll out projects, standardization

  • Multi-Currency support for your concern financial accounting.

  • Contract management, driving and evaluating performance of your corporate or local contracts: sales, deliveries, quality of your suppliers, …

  • Optimization of your SAP system operation by SAP SLO (System Landscape Optimization).

  • Authorization concepts, service of user roles and access rights, analysis and re implementation of this field during large projects or new solution implementation.

  • System interface for accounting in external systems.

  • CO-PA – profitability analysis for your production cost planning and execution.

  • Production analysis, planning integrated screens EDI, JIT, Material Ledger, integration Kanban, EAN technology implementation or improvement.

  • SAP APO: implementation on the whole SAP APO landscape possibilities.

  • Integration of production and MES systems.

  • Service management (SAP PM) and integration of SAP PM in to company service operation processes incl. HR solution for employee shift availability and tracing allowable wage/time deduction cost for service orders.

  • Group remuneration, personnel management in HR operation and HR resource acquisition.

  • Planning table for SAP IS U service orders, interface to OTE and OM, invoice generation based on metering data, down payment in IS-U management, mass invoicing. Mass data billing.

  • We are able to work with processes and solutions in the filled of SAP improvement finder, we will decide the best solution for our operation needs, standardize your SAP system and get more performance out of it.

  • We offer to use SAP HANA solutions as a new dimension of your application operation, new user scenarios, based on mobile technology (FIORI), implement innovative principles to your sales, marketing, advanced tools based on S/4HANA, their practical content for company controlling, better integration of data due to BI technology, make your data access improved for consolidation.

  • Possibility to use SAP HANA platform for BigData business area. Integration of various data and various data sources , their analytical potential (incl. data from social networks or other open data sources), geographical and demographic data as well.


Solution Manager (SolMan)

  • Business Process monitoring, Solution Manager Diagnostics, Service Desk, SAP Early Watch Alerting, training and education in that area.

  • Incident management system and incident management based on SolMan tools.

  • Improvement of service quality of your SAP business platform by implementing EWA reports.

NetWeaver Portal (NWP)/Enterprise Portal (EP)

  • ESS, MSS packages, Knowledge Management, Content server, SSO, Security, Collaborationist room, Categorization of search (TREX), Visual Composer, Adobe Document Services.

  • We have experience in portal technologies for various SAP products (training management, SRM/SCM, ECM).

  • We are implementing portal solutions for all your data sources and their management and data based solutions as well.

Process Integration (PI)/Exchange Infrastructure (XI)

  • Business Process Repository, System Landscape Directory.

  • We can create the system architecture for you by using PI components.

On the top of the traditional services we are able to offer advanced services, supporting „new“ areas of strategic enterprise IT development:

Smart reporting a business performance monitoring:

  • Give us your data and we will develop and prepare „smarter reports”. We are going to add further value to your data with advanced SAP solutions like SAP HANA, SAP BI, we also will make life easier to your IT and users by using SAP BOBJ, SAP Fiori and SAP Lumira.

  • This can be done „on premise“ at your business place or as cloud or outsourcing solution, or by method of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). In recurring intervals with a possibility to instantly improve data content of the reports. This will allow you to improve significantly overall awareness of the status of your stock, production plan and purchasing delivery status.

SMART logistics:

  • Make your first step towards to Industry 4.0 initiative by implementing logistics based on integrated on production floor management, do not allow your expenses to grow, do not expand your storage capacities, optimize your dispatch logistic by implementing better delivery plans and simulations.

Planning, operational planning, strategic planning by the standards of APS:

  • Each enterprise is using „some“ planning, on „some“ level. We can plan materials availability, consumption, production capacities, human resource capacities or resources of our suppliers. We are able today cover all relevant processes in enterprise management. But consolidated planning is not possible today to set as integrated planning, across the whole enterprise.

  • We are in position to offer advanced planning of production (production orders), scheduling, according the real needs of your customers or the position of your company in supply chain. Including planning on level of production cooperation, containing workshop scheduling and material resource planning.

  • Our solutions are user friendly and the implementation is smooth.

Business process Improvement SAP:

  • Maximize value of your SAP ERP implementation by use of SAP tools in SAP SolMan. You can identify wrong or incomplete processes, monitor their performance in SolMan business analytics. SAP SolMan is ready to offer you tools for better utilization of your SAP system (like Advanced Value Benchmarking), also using business analytics.

  • We will help you to open the door in this new IT operation philosophy.

Business intelligence and smart management:

  • Smart and fast business management, implementation of change requests as reaction on your marker needs, always changing needs of the customers in supply chain. All of this requires fast and precious implementation.

  • This requirement can be covered by SAP tools for business intelligence and analytics. We will implement this BI solutions not only as „static“ already done reporting, but also as principle based on MSO (Model – Simulate – Optimize) type of solution. This can be also equipped by smart reports based on Lumira, BOBJ, BPC.

Industry 4.0.:

  • We are part of the German initiative Industry 4.0. We can help you with transformation of your business to digital environment, so you can start to produce step by step according Industry 4.0 standards. Logistic and production processes will be set towards to this standards. We cooperate with leading Czech academic and scientific authorities on this activities.

We propose mobile solution and the change to mobile solutions based on roadmap for mobile processes implementation:

  • Implementation of mobile solutions is the answer to support, faster demand for your product and services for your services, as goods seller or service provider.

  • In practical perspective, the real benefit is to improve employee productivity power company processes, faster realization of work orders and tasks, as well as simplification of user operation with ERP system. Like CRM or BI systems can perform the workload with no difference, where the user is located.

  • We will, of course, help you to identify those areas and solve by solution implementation, incl. simplification of user operation with your SAP ERP system.

  • We will make with you the first step to process automation in your company and to their flexible control (power the company processes).

Enterprise Mobility Software Solutions by SAP:

  • We will identify and improve your processes by implementing mobile scenarios in to your processes.

  • Think more about implementing of mobile solutions in to your supply chain processes.

  • Think about outsourcing your SCM and monitor it by mobile solution when outsourced.

  • Integrate your logistic execution down to the level of logistic units (pallet, container, truck, ...) control it with mobile devices and applications, in real time from any place, execute input of this by using smart reports: uploaded back in to your SAP system.

We truly believe, our advantages can influence your decision about miraclIS being your service partner for implementation and operation of your company information system.