Accurate Services


“Send us your data and we will provide better and more accurate reports”.

Take advantage of our expertise in logistics, manufacturing and enterprise management. We will use SAP analytics, SAP Hana and our experience to add value to the data of your information systems. The data will expand with new business views; on a regular basis we will deliver assessment of development in efficiency of production and logistics; we will present recommendations for constant improvement of your business.

Obrázek ukazuje externí služby společnosti miraclIS "dodávky přesných analýz" The illustration shows “supply of accurate analyses”, external services provided by miraclIS that uses a process of valuation of data that has been extracted from various modules of SAP system into comprehensive Business views, such as “efficient planning”, “accurate and smart reporting” and “efficient service management”.

At miraclIS, we are striving to follow SAP’s motto “Business continuity and improvement” – constant improvement of your information system and its ability for flexible response to the operational needs of manufacturing, logistics and sales.

Throughout the many years of our experience, we have acquired expertise in implementation of business information systems as well as in company management, setup and redesign of company and control processes as well as controlling outputs.

We want to present you an offer of services that include a business approach to problems, services that will present critical added value in being fast, accurate and devleiver acoording to your needs.

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Obrázek ukazuje externí služby společnosti miraclIS "dodávky přesných analýz"