Customized SAP training: to precisely suit the needs of your organization (Personalized training)

Is your organization going through changes? Are you thinking about improving the performance of your processes and employees?

In our 2- and 3-day intensive workshops we will show you how to expand the system configuration in individual aspects (basics, finance, logistics, production) and in the SAP philosophy (e.g. Perfect Plant), how to engage key users in expansion of functionalities and report preparation. We will show you how new development of SAP ERP functionalities can replace the current functions. You can ask about any specific problem – you will not be limited to standard SAP training curriculum.

Workshops are designed to address your operational needs for the current implemented SAP environment as well as for its expansion using new SAP products.

All courses and training sessions may be conducted on your premises. This will save time your employees would otherwise waste in travelling.

We have our own systems available for the courses. Therefore you will not need to configure your own operational systems for training of your employees.