Big data

“The future is already here but not evenly distributed”

Do you know that we generating today more data over the period of 10 minutes, then from „pre-history“ computing period to 2003 yea ? Today, the world of IT is coming to be heavily changed with formation of Web 3.0, Big Data and in-memory SAP HANA. Dataare become key factor of businessinstead of hardware and software and efficiency better to extract your data and to utilize digitalized information to make principal improvement in your business.

Are you interested in themes like Big Data, wider your data assimilation, sales forecasting, multilevel planning of sources, delivery optimization or improvement of business aspect by business analytics?

We will help you to be better orientate in areas: like how to improve your factory data potential, what kind of technologies are available for such as project implementation, what scenarios suits as best for your business operation.

We are well grounded in areas like business, implementation experience of factory information systems, supply chain management, cost optimization, production forecasting, sales forecasting and service forecasting, manufacturing sources forecast.

We have tools available, by them we will teach you to use them, so you can manage your business with no wasting of your time, effort and energy.

 Available application tools are:

We respond to this new situation in changing IT role and opportunities and we expanded our product portfolio and services in possible client concepts: