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About us

Who we are?

miraclIS, SE was founded in 2007 on the basis of many years of experience of SAP senior consultants,especially in the field of SAP ERP implementations, development and integration to external applications and also in the field of process engineering.

The company is headquartered in Prague, we have a project office in Ostrava, and subsidiaries in Bratislava and Berlin. We provide services within the CEE region, for example also in Hungary and Poland, through our employees and business partners allocated in these countries.

We are an SAP Build and BTP partner for CEE – we are one of the first partners in the Czech Republic for the development of applications and superstructures on top of SAP ERP (ECC and S/4) in cloud technologies. We are a partner for the implementation of solutions built on top of SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP BTP. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 (information security).

We are partners of the Industry 4.0 initiative.


Good old SAP system

New SAP, new approaches, new technologies

We know where SAP is going and we understand innovation. We also build our own innovative approaches to new implementations.

We help with transformations, including “SAP cloud transformation” trends SAP digital support.

We migrate your data, securely and efficiently.

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Biomedicine application development

Thanks to new SAP technologies and knowledge of neural networks and our own development of AI algorithms, we have implemented the “Medimonitor” project (www.medimonitor.cz).

In this project, we are responding to the global trend of. “Second opinion diagnosis”. This project was awarded as the business project of the year by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

We are currently preparing the first implementations for physicians and will also implement for the wider professional community.

In AI we see an effective tool to enable users to take a creative approach to k problem solving and free them from unproductive activities. Not only that, we see AI as a tool for innovation. 

Therefore, in cooperation with s VŠB-TUO, Department of Biomedical Engineering, we have prepared the ADELE project, the subject of which is the monitoring of food intake in severely ill patients and the optimization of food intake according to the type of disease and somatic metrics of the patient using artificial intelligence. We have already identified specific clinical sites for this project.


Cooperation with universities

From project development, through studies (case studies, feasibility studies), to implementation.

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VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava

We have long been cooperating with the Department of Biomedical Engineering, led by prof. Ing. Mark Penhaker. Ph.D. The success of our cooperation is evidenced by the just awarded project "Medimonitor".

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ČVUT Prague

We have implemented several projects with this university in the past with prof. Dr. Ing. Zdeněk Hanzálek, especially in the field of logistics, smart supply chain management, material resource planning for enterprises - in real time and data transformation. Data transformation is very closely related to our many years of experience in data migration within various technological environments, including the cloud.

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VŠB - TUO - Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies (CEET)

We have been cooperating with the CEET centre, where VŠB - TUO is the founder, for several years, especially in the area of innovations for mining large volumes of data, creating digital and mathematical models and finding solutions for the application of these models in industrial practice. Through CEET we have also mastered the methods of computation on big data on a supercomputer (IT for Innovation). The leader of the projects we worked on was prof. Ing. Stanislav Mišák, Ph.D.

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University of Ostrava

with OU we have developed a number of activities especially in the field of fuzzy modelling and artificial intelligence, here we cooperate with the Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modelling (IRAFM) with prof. RNDr. PaedDr. Eva Volná, PhD. and doc. RNDr. Martin Kotyrba, Ph.D. Currently, we are also trying to start cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine of the OU, especially in the field of deployment of AI for digital image recognition of pathological findings in the field of oncology.

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Projects & studies

Project processing, Studies

We are able to use the knowledge and experience of many Czech and foreign projects and offer our customers not only the “main work on the system”, but also the preparation of a number of studies for applied practice in information technology:

Sustainability and ESG


Our ESG strategy is based on the concept of sustainable and ethical business.

What do we pursue within ESG?

Carbon footprint

Efficient use of energy

Employee care

Equal opportunities

Employee training and development

Wellbeing and work-life balance

Corporate culture

Business ethics and code of conduct

Tax transparency

Anti-corruption and bribery



ESG for Customers

ESG reporting is becoming a strategic asset for businesses, offering competitive advantages and increasing their market value.

By leveraging sustainability as a strategic opportunity, businesses are not only meeting regulatory requirements, but also paving the way for long-term success.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) software is a comprehensive solution designed to provide simplified reporting and useful insights to decision makers and stakeholders, helping them measure, communicate and achieve sustainability goals to a wider audience.

We leave the methodology for implementing ESG processes to auditing companies such as Mazars.

We then implement the ESG goals into SAP – ESG ledger

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miraclIS, SE
Zelený pruh 99/1560, 140 00 Prague 4
IČ: 27938701 | DIČ: CZ27938701
Tomáš Foniok – Member of the Board
Tel.: +420 722679119 | E-mail: tomas.foniok@miraclis.cz

Ostrava – Branch

miraclIS, SE
Francouzská 6167, 708 00 Ostrava – Poruba
IČ: 27938701 | DIČ: CZ27938701
Tomáš Foniok – Member of the Board
Tel.: +420 722679119 | E-mail: tomas.foniok@miraclis.cz


miraclIS s.r.o. (Regus Business Centre)
Karadžičova 8/A, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia
IČ: 46014021 | IČ DPH: SK2023196307
Tomáš Foniok – Managing director
Tel.: +421 948125301 | E-mail: tomas.foniok@miraclis.sk


Miraclis GmbH (Haus A / 1. Etage)
Edisonstrasse 63, 12459 Berlin, Germany
USt-IdNr. DE123456789
Aleš Muroň – Managing Director
Tel.: +49 17 673913554 | E-mail: ales.muron@miraclis.de