Corrections of failed implementations

Tenders tend to be overestimated and the result of implementations from these procedures is often uncertain.

In these proceedings, does not reflect the quality of the consultants.

We are coming in the next wave, from which quality, accuracy, innovation and experience are expected.

In a number of projects, implementation plans and realization are dissipated in the system, resulting in malfunctioning parts, process gaps, user dissatisfaction and uncomfortable control of the system, delays in data input and system work – unclear reports or broken fragments in user environment.

In many cases this is due to underestimation of project or inappropriately set selection process, which does not reflect the needs of business, does not solve the ergonomics of the user and efficiency of processing tasks.

We can identify areas that do not work efficiently and implement as a whole to remedy.

SAP is working on its systems with Continuous Improvement. Likewise, we follow this trend and we can replace your system with a few specifically implemented components by using advanced functionality. You will be able to use a whole range of new approaches and tools to manage your business.