Custom development

For execution of custom development we have experienced resources, able in cooperation with application consultants develop you requests according SAP development standards, fully available for upgrade and SAP EHP implementation.

We provide custom development in all areas of SAP technologies:


–       ALE, IDOC, RFC

–       Advanced customizing in SAP transportation system

–       Advanced customizing for SAP change management monitoring

–       Training for administrators, developers, internal consultants of corporations.


–       NWDI – NetWeaver Development Infrastructure

–       CAF – Composite Application Framework

–       Set the transport system for Java applications

–       Development of portal applications in Dynpro/JavaDynpro/Webdynpro

–       Integration of SAP and Non SAP systems (incl. Open Source Applications, planning systems, personal management systems, SAP EC, JCA, Jco, …)

Development in SAP Fiori environment

–       OData

–       WEB IDE, ECLIPSE tools