Industry 4.0

Participation of company miraclIS in initiative Industry 4.0

Initiative „Industry 4.0“ refers to the fourth industrial revolution. This revolution brings producers better value of service in area of factory information system – in the first place better value of production and supply chain. It is possible to achieve with implementation of industrial „communication“ between machines and production facilities, production components in production and logistics process.

Switch to „Industry 4.0“ means production and technologic standard of implementation digitizing control of technologic parameters with better interface to factory information systems and better interface IT and industrial electronics in production automatization (and quality control) and production service procedures.

Implementation of strategy „Industry 4.0“ is built on these basic structural components:


Company miraclIS dispose of knowledges and resources, that you will need start-up and arrangement of your company to standards „Industry 4.0“ including description attributes and technical requirements of particular components.