Smart services

Smart factory is based on smart services. Companies are today able to process bulk data volume in real time, they are able to know a lot of their customers, products and services, their processes, staff, their possible problems. Companies may put next questions:


Companies can take principal questions on:


Approach of predictive analyze and smart services can make an answer on all that. Predictive analyze is quantitative analysis centered on prediction of future status and events. There is analytic process based on data acquisition, data extraction and data valuation so that predictive outputs have improved decision, supporting customer processes. Smart services are personalized services based on analytic principles to complex mix of data sources and knowledge profit from these data with target – maximizing profit for specific customer in real time.

Picture shows internal and external data processing through algorithm expertise of predictive and prescriptive analytics with target – profit acceleration of your business.

Company miraclIS disposes of experts who are able to design and to realize knowledge profit from internal and external data, to appraise your data and they help you to realize smart services for your customers.

Our services can be realized:


Today, Management is about future, not about past – you will provide brighter glance to on-coming situations and superior uncompromising oriented data services – your market value will be better. Digital factory with high organization intelligence isn’t future vision – it’s up-to-date reality with high potential for your business.