Accurate services

„Send us your data and we offer better and more exact reports“.

You take all the time advantages and challenges of our logistics and production operation, factory management. We appraise data of your information system by SAP analytics/SAP HANA tools and our experiences. We enrich these data with new business views, we will evaluate progress of your production, logistics and to deliver recommendation how to improve continually your business, based on repeating improvement.

Picture shows external services of company miraclIS “shipment of exact analyses” through process of data appreciation extracted from various modules of SAP system to complex Business views, e.g. “effective planning”, “exact and smart reporting” or ” effective service management”.

We endeavor in our company, to infill SAP idea SAP „Business continuity and improvement“ in practice – continually improvement of your information system and its ability dynamically to response on operational requisites of production, logistics, business issues.

We have gained our knowledge for many year work experience not only from implementation of factory information systems but also from factory management, alignment and redesign of factory and supervisor processes, controlling outputs.

We want to offer services what are enriched about business view on problem with cardinal added value – fast, exact and available, we offer it as service – this service is independent from your IT dpt., independent from your IT landscape. We offer it without complicated system integration, based on your data that you send to us or you access them.

We offer you service „flexible IT“ that is unwinded from evolution of IT technologies such that your company can profit from it, you need not implement it, to invest to infrastructure or to hire new staff. We offer our services with full respect to your KPIs and corporate convention. We will continually offer our services and we will improve hand in hand quality all outputs. We solve all individual requirements – single-shot or long-time. We append your existing in house IT services with High End solution of our services that it are full integrable to be to your factory or workplace. We will provide all our services according to standard ITES (Information Technology Technically Enabled Standards).

The best contribution of our services will be improvement of your IT and business flexibility. We decrease risk of unsuccessful implementations, long and expensive projects, we offer you place to dynamic work with your data, we allow quick changes of IT contents about KPI changes and processes.