Custom development

For realization of your desired and proposed system development we offer experienced team of solution architects, consultants and programmers, who will not only develop SAP ERP, SAP BI or SAP PI standards. They will also choose the appropriate technology and platform to deliver such as development, especially with regard to efficiency and ROI on solutions, and with regard to future solutions, especially S/4HANA, and no solutions are required. also available in the “new” composite application landscape.

You can now implement the functional expansion of your systems in the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) by enhancement. Specific development on SCP technologies can under certain conditions be migrated to SAP ERP and other app. Environments.

In SAP Cloud Platform you can very easy begin with your existing SAP transport system, with no additional service app. installation.

In addition to the traditional practices and technologies you are used to (SAP, J2SE, J2EE), the SAP Cloud Platform offers new technologies such as SAP GIT service (development and code versioning in standalone repositories – SAP Web IDE, SAP Web IDE FULL STACK, App LOGGINGS, Java profiling, etc.

But you can still use existing technologies for development like ABAP, iDOC, ALE, RFC, …

We can not only prepare mobile applications and communication interfaces for you and your applications, basically regardless of the version of your ERP – using OData interface and Web IDE, ECLIPSE. We can service them and offer help desk services, for all custom development done by us.

We can improve your UX – by redefining UX, we redefine processes to speed up and streamline the user experience and ergonomics of your routine processes.

Especially with the new technologies, procedures and components included in the SAP Cloud Platform, we can develop applications, new functionality and enhancements in the way, that routine operation of your ERP is not affected (e.g. by interfering with other accounting areas). Where necessary, we will bridge the functional gaps and ensure the end-to-end operation of your processes and get rid of manual handouts, unnecessary exports to Excel and data rewriting from one point to the other.

We will deliver your applications with integrated collaboration intelligence.

In the SAP Cloud Platform, we deliver not only common FIORI and mobile applications, but a range of innovative solutions such as:

As part of our services, we will truly prepare you for digital transformation and process automation, not just “as”. SAP Technologies and SAP Cloud technologies make it very efficient today, without huge costs and in reasonable time – you’ll see the results very quickly.

We will not only deliver you a hard job, that means the „manual Job“ but our experienced consultants and solution architects will guide you through new technologies and teach you new technologies, procedures and products.