SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) – a development environment that protects your IT investment

During the invention of the S/4HANA platform, all SAP systems are facing major technological innovation. The S4/HANA technological Innovation will affect all current and also future SAP operation in the near future. Many SAP systems will become integrated applications, either on premise or cloud installations, and perhaps also integrated with other autonomous cloud solutions (like SuccessFactors, Concur, Ariba, Hybris, …). Future and some current functionalities will be distributed among different systems, achieving new business logic.

It is obvious, from technical point of view, that by migrating from ECC systems to S/4HANA, you will possibly lose some of your specific developments.

So how do you develop today over ECC systems to use your development after migrating to S/4HANA? Just by the use of SAP Cloud Platform!

Using the SAP Cloud Platform technology will enable you to enhance your existing systems today without compromising your IS development.

The SAP Cloud Platform will become the center of your innovative solutions.

Everything, what we do today

We will execute via SAP Cloud Platform

One of components of SCP, SAP Fiori, will become a tool of improvement in the ergonomics and speed of your users’ daily work. You will be able to not only display reporting data, transactional data in one clear and easy environment, but also access your SAP system wherever you need to “get” your user be directly to the place where business execution occurs – using mobile terminals, mobile phones or standalone applications.

You will be very surprised by the quality jump of your users, when they start using FIORI. They are going to get a completely different view of their routine tasks. Management will finally use SAP with pleasure, and finally, simply!

And most importantly, Fiori application processes all your needs, whether they concern: