Our professional skills

Project execution is done in our company based on SAP methodology, in field of ERP implementation we use mainly the latest SAP Best Practices implementation model.

In last years we have been thrice awarded from SAP CEE by SAP QUALITY AWARDS, based on project audit done by SAP CEE.

We deliver projects by use of Rapid Deployment Solution: fast and effective SAP implementation and solution operation.

Project, process and implementation optimization is done by qualified consultants with many year experience in various industry fields. Optimization is done by use of SAP tools like SAP BI (Strategic management, Planning and consolidation, Reporting and analysis).

 For planning and forecasting we work mainly with BPC Business Planning and Consolidation from SAP BI, we are using pre-defined models according the IFRS standards and in intuitive MS EXCELL environment. Further, BPC can also be used as process support with Workflow by consolidation and forecasting and validating consolidated reports.

BPC will support your planning process and forecasting process, step by step, you can also use text comments to your numerics data, set control points, set data availability to users (user lock), all planning or forecasting you can upload in to SAP ERP after validation.

For reports and analysis (lay outs, data presentation), we are able to work with tools like SAP Lumira, technology SAP Fiori, including production of active dashboards and ad hoc analysis. Preparation of reports is easy and intuitive, changing of pre-defined reports can be executed by user with no help from external company.

In the field of service, support and further application development based on SAP platform, we are also covering areas of technical components SAP like: SAP BI, EP portal, PI/XI.

We provide services and consulting for EDI technology, incl. EDI implementation or development of new EDI content (messaging content).

Part of our services is implementation of IFRS accounting standards, as well as USGAAP acc. Standards, part of this service is also consolidation in SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management), further, our services covers also areas of REM and facility management.

Today, the most popular areas are SRM (Supply Relationship Management), to centralize corporate procurement, which we cower as well, also the related technology for strategic data availability from various system by implementing SAP MDM (Master Data Management) is a service, which is a part of our delivery portfolio.

Applying BigData principles you can benefit from quite a large opportunities to squeeze your data potential and make for example better forecasts in purchasing items or better understand your organization purchasing behavior. This includes also possibility to manage rolling forecastings based on those areas.

Our consultants are matured in development and implementation of SAP functionalities, they are able to explain and estimate, what each implementation step can bring to your organisation and how it will influence the system operation. Standard part of our work is also providing documentation to system and user documentation as well for each area of our service delivery.

All your future systems changes or upgrades are than fully documented. We can also provide documentation to system done by other implementation partner, if you are missing such as documents.

Our service proposal is always based on the customer real needs. We can provide various services like technical guide by upgrading SAP or implementing SAP EHP package, we can also be responsible for the whole set of services during upgrade, for example. This principle applies also, when you are preparing new SAP implementation. We can extend our service for delivery of technical infrastructure or technical infrastructure support, propose testing scenarios, provide testing, deliver training, data migration, data cleansing, miraclIS is using large database of knowledge and experience build for many years of our professional service.

We have in our sales and service portfolio many other solutions, which will make your SAP life easier and better operational and which extend standard SAP functionalities.

One of the strongest points of our company service delivery is the fact, we have good availability of our resources and we deliver within our service also backup resources during implementation or other service deliveries.

There is one point about quality of our service: miraclIS is one of the few companies, delivering trainings and education directly to SAP company in Czech and Slovakia.

We have done many diverse implementation projects and the portfolio of implemented solutions is pretty large: SAP ERP, SAP BI, SAP HR, SAP ISU, SAP NetWeaver.