Cloud applications

The future of enterprise solutions is in cloud services. Can you, today, imagine this? SAP, the world leader in business applications, relies on this claim and the growing global interest and more than 10 million customers are showing the fact o cloud future. The number of customers is increasing as well at small and medium enterprise.

SAP cloud products and solutions offer a lot of “knowledge” services and best practices from many business sectors and in addition: quick and efficient implementations. SAP offers data security, that only large companies can afford on their „on premise“ installation. SAP offers flexible infrastructure and as standard high solution availability of 24/7 services at global level through nearly 50 state-of-the-art data centers across the globe.

Our company will safely guide you not only through digital transformation, but, of course, by transforming your solutions into a cloud environment. We will provide you with the development of new solutions and functionalities in the SAP cloud environment.

SAP SuccessFactors

This is a completely new platform that offers comprehensive management of human resources and related activities, such as performance analysis, process support for human resource management performance, employee recruitment support and employee sourcing and on boarding. Of course, there is monitoring of attendance part of this solution with various types of employee contracts (flexible working hours), as well as controlling and reporting in real time. At the same time, SAP SUCCESSFACTORS is a platform for digital transformation in the field of human resources management for your company, obvious is the native integration with your ERP system (ECC and S/4HANA). SAP Success factors is also platform suitable for small, medium, large companies and corporations.

SAP SuccessFactors offers integration to other SAP Cloud solutions as well.

SAP SuccessFactors offers variable solution content based on SaaS distribution.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is the first cloud analytics tool capable of analyzing and systemizing real-time data to support your strategic decision making.

This is an application that also includes a number of preconfigured analytics solutions, such as:

SAP Analytic Cloud is available as a solution package – subscribing to this cloud you will achieve access to all applications, scenarios, graphical outputs, as well as to whole SAP Analytic Cloud content.

SAP Ariba

Cloud solution for comprehensive procurement, vendor selection, including all related services (E procurement, purchasing analyst, choice by price, choice by availability).

Within SAP Ariba, you can manage all processes from supplier selection, purchase, to payment for ordered goods or material.

At the same time, SAP Ariba is a platform for digital transformation and process automation in your organization. SAP Ariba is integrable to other SAP products. Whether cloud or „on premise“.

The components of Sap Ariba:

SAP Cloud Supply Chain

Cloud solution for supply logistics management. A platform for digitizing and automating supply logistics at all levels of your supply chain.

It contents the following business areas:

SAP Cloud Financial Management

SAP cloud solutions for digital transformation as well as for transforming financial processes into a „smart enterprise“ which through increased level of  automation and process digitization, enables real-time work with online analysis, calculations, estimates and knowledge sharing and incorporating machine learning for control and automation of posting processes.

SAP Cloud Financial Management content the following areas:

SAP Leonardo (SAP Leonardo machine learning platform)

SAP also is designating this solution as SAP Leonardo machine learning foundation.

It is a standalone cloud solution, fully integrated with other SAP products, which enables individual applications to “learn” to eliminate errors, predict the use of erroneous or incomplete data, and work with files to be used as a source of knowledge base for machine learning. It combines machine learning and data processing with knowledge management.

Business content:

SAP Leonardo content also recognition of information data in document content (totals, values, miscellaneous entries) and work with them in application logic and business processes.

SAP Leonardo IoT

The SAP Cloud Platform is an intelligent platform that supports the digitization and automation of processes, data, and collaborative decision making. If you decide to use the platform for your IoT strategy, you will be able to collaboratively manage your applications in real time and increase process automation by linking application and devices. And that’s not all. Using the SAP Leonardo IoT component, you “teach” your applications to co-decide on the base of related available data, what to plan, run, which part of the process is wrong and where to fix it. You can also manage all other IoT applications in your business from one place. You can collect the data of all your mobile devices and evaluate them in one place based on accuracy, efficiency, schedule compliance, … using the IoT Gateway. Simply and without costly system integration. You can also control the life cycle of your sensors with SAP IoT (service monitoring, sw version of sensors and their automated update). You then pick data for many other applications from one data base.

By expanding your IoT solution with SAP Leonardo (SAP Leonardo GATEWAY), you will be able to manage processes more efficiently – routine tasks will be performed without user intervention. They can focus on critical points of operation, focus on quality and efficiency, focus on KPI performance in real time, or find time to implement new projects.

We will show you all the possibilities of SAP Leonardo IoT, propose a solution to be implemented, the project scope and expected benefits, but we will also design the solutions you need, we can also design solution  which your MES system and its integration can no longer handle.