SAP administration

SAP upgrade, databases and SAP implementation. Remote administration your SAP systems, SLA.

Your business success is depending on your ERP system consistency and operability. Portfolio of SAP applications is constantly developing and this requires continues service.

We are ready to take over and this service and design set of services to safe your ERP system operation.

Those service we can provide on-site or remote, depend only of your requirement.

For example:

–       Service of SAP ERP system operation or only selected components (basis, SRM, HR, …).

–       Support for SAP ERP technical performance, mainly by using „ SAP Application Monitoring Tools“.

–       Technical audit of your SAP system based on SAP SLO (System Landscape Optimizer).

–       Remote service of your SAP system and its components.

–       Monitoring data flow and management of technical SAP ERP improvements

–       Automatization of all activities by SAP SolMan component.

We are delivering as well so called „SAP Instant improvement “according your license contract (Standard or Enterprise license contract).