Smart Enterprise

Smart enterprise and strategy of digital transformation

Big data, mobility and information availability on various device types, hybrid and cloud information systems, social networks and Internet of Things, … all of this brings change of understanding access concept to all company data. Conventional access – software is prepared to clearly define, structure and quantify limited data stacking, information system was able to answer questions based on past activities. New type of solutions is characterized by emphasis access on continuous dataflow – data collection and data evaluation in real time and working with data is oriented on prediction and the best variants of evaluation of future scenarios.

Company miraclIS define orientation on new data access and usage and offers entrance to big data management issues through Smart digital factory. This concept can be available according to your requests in various versions of delivery – one day creative workshop – output is simple transformation concept – pending service of design Digital factory transformation strategy:

Picture shows Digital transformation strategy as “architectonic blueprint” for real changes of factory IT architecture.


Digital transformation strategy serves background for implementation of „digital factory“ which is performing to use better all your existing IT and reduction investments and come to you with better advanced effectivity of business operation, profitability and by using virtual environment in more business operation areas.

Digital factory transformation strategy is based on methodology “Smart data driven Enterprise Architecture” – based on alignment services and data. This architecture builds on IT model of continuous data flow oriented on service support and prediction in each operational business process.


Contributions of service of Digital transformation strategy are: