Personalized training based on operational needs of your users

Do you manage changes in your organization? Do you think how to better improve performance of your current processes and your staff?

We can show you during 2-3 days of intensive workshop how is possible to expand system configuration in areas (base, finance, logistics, production) – SAP philosophy Perfect Plant, etc., to involve Key users to functional enhancement, report creation etc. We show you how new SAP ERP functions can substitute existing „Z“ development. We ask about your concrete problems – you will not be restricted only on content of standard SAP training.

Workshops are centered on your operational needs as well as for present SAP implementation or its enhancement by new SAP products.

We are able to perform each of courses and training (workshop) directly in your organization, we save travelling time of your staff.

We dispose of our own systems for this kind of training. You will not have to configure any your existing running systems for training of staff.